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Hall of Fame ceremony to be held at The Rental Show on Feb. 10

McCourt, Greenfield to be inducted into Rental Hall of Fame


Two rental industry veterans will become the newest inductees into the Rental Hall of Fame in February. The late T. Charles “Charlie” McCourt and John “Jack” Greenfield will be formally inducted during a ceremony at The Rental Show in Orlando, Fla., on Feb. 10.

The American Rental Association (ARA) created the Rental Hall of Fame in 2000 to foster an appreciation of the historical development of the rental industry and the leaders who have made the industry what it is today. Each year, nominations are accepted to recognize individuals who have made a substantial impact on the industry at the national or international level. The induction ceremony is held annually during The Rental Show keynote session.

Here is more information on the two newest inductees.

T. Charles “Charlie” McCourt

Charlie McCourt was a former rental store owner and the founder and owner of McCourt Manufacturing, Fort Smith, Ark., a chair and table supplier to the rental industry.

McCourt began his career as a chemical engineer. In 1964, McCourt purchased a general equipment rental store in Lancaster, Pa., which was the first of six rental stores located in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia that he accrued over the next 10 years. They were so successful that McCourt sold each to its respective manager.

He then moved to the supplier end of the rental industry, with a goal to improve products and customer service. McCourt’s advice, understanding and knowledge of the rental industry helped hundreds of rental stores during his years in manufacturing. He was one of the founders of Rental Service Supply, which later was named RSS Distributors, and founded McCourt Manufacturing in 1983. The company began producing the Series 2 polypropylene folding chair and has since produced more than five million chairs and introduced folding tables and other products that are designed for the demands of rental use. McCourt Manufacturing will be exhibiting at The Rental Show for the 27th time in Orlando.

McCourt was active in ARA’s Region Two, was an at-large director of ARA and received the association’s Special Service Award in 1997. He served as a Trustee of the ARA Foundation when it was reactivated in 2000. He passed away on Dec. 28, 2012.

John “Jack” Greenfield

Jack Greenfield has contributed to the rental industry at every level — local, state, regional and national — while serving as president of Bunce Rental in Tacoma, Wash. He was actively involved in the formation of the South Sound Rental Association, served on numerous ARA committees, served as ARA Region Eight Director from 1985-1987 and was president of the ARA in 1994.

Yet Greenfield’s most significant contribution to the success of the rental industry was in the area of insurance as he knew the importance of having available, industry-specific insurance for equipment rental. He served as chairman of the board for ARDI, which later became ARA Insurance Services and is now known as ARA Insurance. He was integral in the transition of ARDI and the ARDI Exchange to ARA Insurance Services and the creation of ARA Insurance Limited, a captive insurance company. His leadership, vision and passion for this industry are considered to be directly responsible for the continued availability and success of ARA Insurance, which benefits not only members, but also the entire rental industry through its risk management focus.

Through Greenfield’s efforts and that of fellow board members, ARA Insurance has become the industry leader in insurance coverage for the rental industry and in risk management, by providing both services and resources while investing back into the rental industry. With ARA Insurance, ARA members continue to have rental-specific insurance available to them that is directed by ARA rental members serving on the board of directors. His leadership was central to the success of ARA Insurance to always be available as a source of insurance coverage for ARA members.

Members of the Rental Hall of Fame

Those who have been named to the Rental Hall of Fame and the year they were inducted include:


William Berry (2012)

Bill Begley (2008)

Wilbert “Bill” Bourque (2010)

Howard Burnett (2006)

Danny Cameron (2001)

R. Wayne Collett (2005)

Paul Coogan (2013)

Theodor deVries (2005)

Robert Elmen (2013)

John Doran Sr. (2004)

George Gartner Jr. (2001)

Gunner Glifberg (2012)

William Grasse (2002)

Sam Greenberg (2003)

Leonard Hawk (2001)

Tom Hawthorne (2008)

Thomas “Mitch” Hoxie (2009)

William “Dugan” Hill (2007)

Bradley Jacobs (2009)

Daniel Kaplan (2006)

James Keenan (2008)

Andrew Kennard (2003)

Keith Klarin (2002)

Irving Levine (2002)

Hotch Manning (2011)

Edwin Malzahn (2007)

Robert MacFarland (2004)

Pamela McKenney (2007)

Roy Milling (2003)

Harold “Hal” Plugge Jr. (2009)

William Ristow (2005)

C.A. “Ziggy” Siegfried (2001)

Leo Swan (2006)

Klaus Wacker (2001)

S.G. Walker (2004)

Michael Watts (2010)




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