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Party Perfect: The science of creating corporate events

Get the details right to make a great impression


Have you ever been to a corporate event or workshop only to find you have your back turned to the stage and presenter? How about a ground-breaking ceremony or a company holiday party where you had to wait in the elements as people rushed frantically around to get the PA system working right?

These types of company events are critical for everything from business branding to employee morale. At Camelot Party Rentals, we believe we have putting together a corporate event down to a science. Here are some tips to get started, whether it is putting together a small team-building workshop or a big soiree under one of the large event tents.

Here in northern Nevada, ground-breaking ceremonies can happen in many different places. It may be in a rural location or within the city limits. Think about everything you might need to bring if the ceremony was happening in a rural location. How many electrical outlets do you need? Would you need to bring generators? Figure out what your infrastructure needs are going to be and know how to adapt if your location doesn’t support them.

  • What will the weather be like during this time? We start considering what the weather may be like from the time the order is placed to make sure our crew is prepped for any weather issues that may occur. Consider the temperature and if you will need to bring in heaters or air conditioners. Our clients rely on us to make the best decision for their event, so they are as comfortable as possible. If it’s windy, you may need sidewalls. If you are like Camelot Party Rentals, located in an area like northern Nevada, wind always seems to be an issue. Keeping your crew and surroundings safe always is the first priority.
  • Think about the location’s lighting. Are you using a tent? Will it be too bright inside during the day for a projector? Triple-layer, black-out vinyl can help darken the tent for presentations. If you are using a tent during the dark winter days you might need some extra lighting. Café and market lighting adds just enough lighting to where it isn’t blinding if it’s in a smaller space. A popular option in our area is a clear topped tent, which is a great way to let in the natural light and not take away from the scenic view of the mountains or the valley.
  • Use a corporate event or workshop to help brand the client’s company. Things like pens, notepads and coffee mugs with the company’s logo on them make for great attendee gifts. Incorporate company colors into table linens and decorations to reinforce brand recognition. If you’re doing something on a big scale, like a ribbon cutting, use flags and banners that build on that theme. Get creative and your customers will appreciate your suggestions.
  • Seating is one of the most important parts of a successful event. Chairs circled around tables are great for small group interaction, but can be a drag when you have a presenter trying to address the whole audience. If you have the space, set up seating facing the stage at the start of the event and then break for a snack, giving you the opportunity to group chairs together for smaller team activities later in the day.
  • Make sure everything will fit. Camelot Party Rentals will measure the potential site for any event to make sure it will fit the vision in mind. Using computer programs to design the layout will allow you and your customer to see exactly where everything will be placed, how much space there will be and what the colors will look like displayed together. Remember, if an event is overcrowded, it is not enjoyable. Allow enough space for equipment, people and accurate space for safety issues.
  • Maximize your public appearance opportunities by partnering with local organizations during the winter seasons. Many charities are happy to promote who they have used by hanging your banner. If you don’t ask, you don’t know. At Camelot Party Rentals we have found that our customers will gladly promote our business. During the year, organizations often ask for an in-kind donation. Camelot Party Rentals tries to give back as much as possible and we also ask them to hang our banner.

Kimberly Beck, public relations/marketing, Camelot Party Rentals, Sparks, Nev., can be reached at 775-355-9004 or kimberly@camelotpartyrentals.biz.





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