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OCTOBER 2013 issue of
Rental Management

Software products

This month, Rental Management looks at computer hardware and software for the equipment rental industry.

OEM Controls wireless tracking system

800-350-7605; oemdd.com

The MiniPOD wireless tracking system from OEM Data Delivery, a division of OEM Controls, Shelton, Conn., is designed to collect asset IDs, equipment hours and location of equipment. Information is captured when a vehicle outfitted with the MiniPOD drives by the equipment and gets information via an RFID hour meter and an engine vibration sensor, the company says. The system notes the latitude and longitude of the location into the record. Once data is collected, users can use the Equipchat software to get reports and alerts on equipment.

Point-of-Rental Systems Mobile WorkForce

800-944-7368; point-of-rental.com

The Mobile WorkForce from Point-of-Rental Systems™, Grand Prairie, Texas, is designed to allow workers on the job site to update contract-related information from their mobile device or tablet. Capabilities include contract access, photo, signature capture, site survey notes, adding call logs, arrival and departure updates and other notifications. The web-based application can be used by any mobile device, as well as a laptop.

Synergy International web management service

800-522-6210; synergy-intl.com

Fusion Web Manager™ cloud-computing service from Synergy International, Gaithersburg, Md., is designed to allow clients to review their accounts, pay invoices, receive receipts and see new items via the web. Fusion maintains all the information in a database, and informs the comptroller of payments and transactions. The service also provides financial reviews, order history, statements, equipment reviews and direct communication of upcoming orders.

TITAN equipment monitoring system

800-897-8093; dplamerica.com/titan.htm

The TITAN equipment monitoring system from DPL America, Menlo Park, Calif., is designed to allow equipment owners to remotely shut down machines, locate machines wirelessly via GPS, collect hour meter readings and track hour-based service intervals. The system includes a CAN Bus interface, which allows owners to access information including fuel consumption, rpm, engine torque and operating speed, coolant and fuel temperature, engine oil pressure, accelerator pedal position, intake manifold pressure and temperature, as well as diagnostic fault codes. The system operates globally across 140 countries and integrates with Skyhawk vehicle tracking system data to manage a company’s assets from a single software source.

Ramco Equipment rental management solution

800-472-6261; ramco.com

The Equipment Rental Management Solution from Ramco, based in Chennai, India, tracks metrics, including fleet utilization, profitability, revenue and fleet age, as well as operational items such as billing, rentals, sales, maintenance and repair. Other items include supply chain management, such as inventory and purchasing, and human resource modules. The ERM dashboard tracks all items and works either on the cloud or on site. The system is compatible with iPads, iPhones, Android and Windows-based systems.

RMI Advantage solution

800-252-5011; rmiusa.com

The Advantage solution from RMI Corp., Avon, Conn., is designed to handle rental, sales and service functions, including automated sales tax updates, customer communication, managing equipment, service and maintenance, credit card processing, sales, supply chain management, job costing and human resources. The cloud-based system includes Microsoft® Office, as well as Exchange for Email, Sharepoint and Lync messaging, and is accessible by PC or Mac devices. The system is available in three levels: full business system users, mobile/lite users or office workers.






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