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$65,000 worth of scholarships available now from the ARA Foundation and affiliate programs

If you are going to school or know a student who is on the way to pursuing a career in the equipment rental industry, now is the time to apply for the scholarships from the ARA Foundation and its affiliate programs. Those selected will receive a portion of the $65,000 worth of scholarships that are available for the 2014-2015 school year.

ARA Foundation scholarships that are available:

  • Ten scholarships of $2,000 each to college-bound applicants.
  • Ten scholarships of $1,000 each for vocational/technical applicants.
  • Two scholarships of $2,000 each for graduate-level applicants.
  • One scholarship of $3,000 to the top applicant — The Leonard Hawk Founders Scholarship.

Affiliate scholarships administered by the ARA Foundation that are available:

  • ARA Insurance (one $2,500 scholarship to an ARA Insurance-covered member applicant).
  • ARA of Alabama (one $1,000 scholarship).
  • ARA of California (three $1,000 scholarships).
  • ARA of Michigan (two $1,000 scholarships).
  • ARA of New York (two $1,000 scholarships).
  • ARA of North Carolina (two $1,000 scholarships).
  • ARA of Ohio (six $750 scholarships).
  • ARA Region 10/Canada-Dorothy Wellnitz Scholarship (one US$1,000 scholarship).
  • ARA Region 10/Doug Mitchell Scholarship (one US$1,000 scholarship).
  • ARA Region Two/Ron Marshall Scholarship (two $500 scholarships).
  • ARA of Tennessee (one $1,000 scholarship).
  • Texas Rental Association (five $1,000 scholarships).
  • Texas Rental Association Bill Loomer Houston Area Rental Association Scholarship (one $2,000 scholarship).

“This year, we have new scholarships offered by the ARA of Alabama and the ARA of Tennessee. In addition, both the ARA of North Carolina and the ARA of California have added another scholarship to their offerings, and the ARA of Michigan has changed its program from four $500 scholarships to two $1,000 scholarships,” says Jenni Venema, ARA Foundation director of development. “These new additions, along with the other scholarships, can provide significant assistance to students. They can help turn a dream of education into a reality. The ARA Foundation is proud to be able to offer all of these scholarships to students who will be the future
leaders of our industry.”

In July, the ARA Foundation granted 42 students a total of $63,000 worth of scholarships for the 2013-2014 school year. Many were awarded multiple scholarships, helping students even more.

To apply, visit ARAfoundation.com and select “Foundation Scholarship Program.” Scroll down the page, click on the appropriate scholarship application, complete the form, gather documents and mail all of the information to the ARA Foundation. Applications must be postmarked by Monday, March 3, 2014.

“These scholarships are specifically for those in the equipment rental industry. Share the word at your rental business, so all students who want to make their careers in this industry have a chance to gain the education they need to be effective leaders in the future,” Venema says.

For more information, contact Venema at 800-334-2177, ext. 236, or jennifer.venema@ararental.org.




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