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ARA's marketing efforts build demand for your products

The American Rental Association (ARA) invests in a national public relations and advertising campaign to build awareness of equipment rental on a national level. This consists of a variety of initiatives in the areas of public relations, print and banner advertisements, as well as a comprehensive Google AdWords campaign. All of these efforts drive traffic to RentalHQ.com, where visitors search for ARA-member rental stores in their area.

This initiative is paying off. Last year alone, more than 2 million click-throughs led to member locations — a major ARA member benefit.

The components of this campaign and how they benefit ARA members include:

Public Relations

  • Brandpoint. General interest stories focused on do-it-yourself (DIY) home enthusiasts and party consumers promote the benefits of renting. These articles are broadcast to thousands of local-level media outlets across the country, benefiting rental at the grassroots level.
  • Business Wire. ARA distributes economic outlook press releases through this service, gaining recognition from national media sources such as MoneyWatch, Yahoo! Finance, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters and more. This increases awareness and exposure of not only rental, but also ARA-member rental businesses.


  • Banner ads. Targeted websites for the party and event consumer market, do-it-yourselfers (DIYers) and construction professionals are used to tout the benefits of equipment rental. These ads are designed to reach the consumers ARA-member rental businesses want to attract.
  • Print ads. ARA partnered with select publications that provide editorial content that highlights the benefits of renting versus buying equipment. This content reaches key consumers for ARA-member rental locations and reinforces the value and cost savings of renting versus buying.


  • AdWords. A compilation of key search words is implemented into a comprehensive pay-per-click campaign. This is critical to gain top ranking when it comes to consumer searches.
  • Behavioral advertisements. General profiles are created based on a person’s search history and this information is used to properly target ads for each consumer group. This is another way to influence key consumers, build awareness, reinforce the rental message and bring customers to ARA-member rental businesses.

“Our goal is to reach targeted consumers and share our message about the many benefits of equipment rental,” says Tom Hubbell, ARA’s vice president for marketing and communications. “Whether it’s a do-it-yourself enthusiast looking to do a home improvement project or a bride looking to create the perfect wedding, renting is an excellent option.”

As an ARA member, you also can learn how these efforts are paying off for you in the quarterly ARA Member Traffic Report, which provides clickthrough results on RentalHQ.com as well as a list of public relations stories that were published in your area. Reports, generated two weeks after the end of the quarter, are sent to each registered member location.

“ARA strives to increase member value with these initiatives, along with delivering the ARA Member Traffic Report. Our industry has a great story to tell and all economic signs indicate that more consumers of all types are turning to equipment rental. It’s all about ARA
working for you,” Hubbell says.


For assistance with your local marketing efforts, consider turning to Marketing Minutes on ARArental.org. Eight succinct video modules, along with complementary links and documents, guide members through various marketing topics such as:

  • Understanding the Importance of Marketing
  • Developing a Marketing Plan
  • Planning a Marketing Budget
  • Branding Your Business
  • Using Public Relations and Advertising
  • Online Marketing Basics
  • SEO and Your Website
  • Social Media and Your Business

As a special bonus, ARA members can download a free “Benefits of Renting vs. Buying” video from Marketing Minutes. Hundreds of members are using this video in their local marketing efforts.


Did you see us?

RentalHQ.com advertisements were featured in the following media in 2012/2013:


  • eHow
  • Family Handyman


  • Equipment World
  • Engineering News Record
  • Construction Business Owner
  • Compact Equipment
  • Public Works

Party and event:

  • MyWedding.com
  • Catering




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