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Mark your calendar

Discounts available for orders placed by June 30, 2013

Businesses are always looking for ways they can save time and save money, as well as quality services that can benefit their companies. The American Rental Association (ARA) has endorsed several affinity programs that can help its members — both general and associate — run their businesses better.

Maybe you can’t give your customers more hours in a day, but there is a way to help them manage their time. Give them the gift of a calendar.

Calendar marketing can build brand recognition and repeat business. Distributing free calendars to your target audience also can provide a favorable impression of your business while putting it front and center with them 365 days a year.

This cost-effective marketing tactic often works better than most other forms of paid advertising. The advantages of giving calendars to customers are that they:

  • Last 365 days. The average person looks at a printed calendar at least once a day. Why not have your logo and contact information in the forefront? Using any other form of media to advertise daily would likely cost thousands when calendars cost a few dollars.
  • Increase loyalty. More than 70 percent of recipients do business with the company that gave them the calendar. Giving such a small gift can pay off big when it comes to repeat business and customer loyalty. You wouldn’t want to risk that your competitor is the one giving them a calendar.
  • Have high perceived value. People who receive calendars appreciate the gift and it’s something they will use. It’s better than giving a box of chocolates or other gourmet snacks that last only a few hours and don’t leave a long-term impression.
  • Get maximum exposure. Not only will the person you give the calendar to see your message, but it’s very likely that their friends, family and business associates will see it, too. That gives you an even broader audience from which to benefit.

American Rental Association (ARA) members can order your calendars through the ARA Calendar and Promotional Products Program and receive special early order discounting through June 30, 2013. To place an order or for more information, call 800-788-6376.




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