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At Your Service: Time to celebrate

It is so easy to fall in the trap of focusing on the negative — just look at the election cycle we all went through. It can be so depressing. Despite what you may be reading and hearing, there are plenty of good things happening and many of those are occurring at your
location and your company.

It is time to focus on the positive and celebrate your successes. It is easy to gravitate towards the negative because it needs to be fixed. I am not advocating to avoid those issues, I am just suggesting you bring some balance and seek out the good.

When you hear a compliment, take note and share it. Share it with everyone.

You can compliment employees on even the most routine stuff, such as the appearance of your facility or how a customer was greeted. The fact that you noticed and took time to mention it will speak volumes. These are the types of behaviors you want to build and reinforce.

This does not have to apply to just those who work with your external customers. When you witness an employee demonstrating good or exceptional service to another employee, mention it. Your employees want to hear good news and to know they are doing a good job.

If you are the manager of your location, this should be the fun part of your job. You are spreading good news and cheer. Don’t be bashful. Here are a couple of hints to make this initiative even more effective.

  • Be sincere. Employees and customers know if you mean it. I don’t expect you to be weeping as you share your compliment, but it needs to be genuine and heartfelt.
  • Get creative. Reward the person with a gift card, lunch or whatever you feel is appropriate. Have someone from senior leadership give them a call or send them an email. You can vary this depending on the nature of the accomplishment.
  • Encourage others to recognize their colleagues. Make sharing good news contagious. A cynic will say people are just doing their job, but it is always helpful to recognize those that go beyond the ordinary.
  • Spread it around. Try to find the good and positive in all of your employees. They will work harder, take better care of your customers and be more loyal. Everyone wins.

Celebrations are good and celebrations about taking care of your customers are even better.

Barry Himmel is senior vice president for Signature Worldwide, a Dublin, Ohio-based consulting company offering sales and customer service training, marketing and mystery shopping services for the equipment rental industry. He can be reached at 614-766-5101 or barryhimmel@signatureworldwide.com. For more information, call 800-398-0518 or visit signatureworldwide.com.




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