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The Hot List: General Tool/Homeowner products

Billy Goat Industries overseeder

Booth No. 1260

The OS901SPS overseeder from Billy Goat Industries, Lee’s Summit, Mo., is hydrostatically self-propelled. The company says it has best-in-class, intuitive right and left operator drive controls and has been enhanced with foot pedal actuation to raise and lower the reel, replacing the previous hand lever.




Champion Chisel Works scrapers

Booth No. 1458

The SDS Plus Scraper system from Champion Chisel Works, Rock Falls, Ill., fits SDS Plus-style hammers. The lightweight scraper is designed to remove such materials as tile, thin set, mastic, epoxy and glue. The stainless-steel blade is made to resist cracking and is available in 4- and 8-in. widths.




Croft Trailer Supply trailer

Booth No. 1248

The galvanized surge brake tow dolly from Croft Trailer Supply, Kansas City, Mo., has been upgraded with disc brakes and LED Lighting. The 2¼-in. stainless-steel piston disc brakes have an automotive E-coat finish, vented casting and ceramic pads. The sealed LED lights are designed to provide a longer life than incandescent bulbs.




Cutter Diamond diamond blade

Booth No. 567

The Premium Turbo diamond blade from Cutter Diamond, Monroe, N.C., has alternating turbo and standard segments, and can be used either dry or wet. The blade is designed to be used on concrete pipe with rebar, concrete piles and hard, reinforced concrete.




Ericson Manufacturing Co. electric distribution cart

Booth No. 644

The E-Cart 2 temporary power distribution cart from Ericson Manufacturing Co., Willoughby, Ohio, has been updated with a sturdier frame and a panel design with easier-to-access connections, the company says.




Frost Fighter heater/generator trailer

Booth No. 438

The IHS 700GT 700,000-Btu indirect-fired heater from Frost Fighter, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, is on a dual-axle trailer with a 12kW generator and 190-gal. fuel tank that has environmental spill containment. The heater is fully insulated and can be converted from propane to natural gas.




Futtura slope laser

Booth No. 643

The LT-810 single slope laser system from Futtura, Oklahoma City, Okla., is an automatic self-leveling laser for level or sloped grading and excavating to help create level concrete floors. It has a 2,000-ft. operating diameter.





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Graco field striper

Booth No. 838

The Field Lazer 290 walk-behind field striper from Graco, Rogers, Minn., is designed to be easier to operate and clean, helping users achieve more professional results than with inverted aerosol field-marketing paint, the company says.




Green Monster Manufacturing tent-pole pad

Booth No. 1772

The Fiesta Paw SS non-marring rubber pad from Green Monster Manufacturing, Elmsford, N.Y., is custom fit for the foot of an Anchor Fiesta tent pole. The pad is designed to protect surfaces like marble, slate and wood decking from abrasion that could be caused by the metal tent foot.



Hilti combi-hammer

Booth No. 458

The TE 60 ATC combi-hammer from Hilti, Tulsa, Okla., is designed for coring holes from 5/8-in. to 1 9/16-in. diameters up to 4 in. deep in masonry, concrete or
stone. The active torque control (ATC) is designed to provide protection when a bit binds while drilling.



Infinite Solar Solutions light tower

Booth No. 772

The Mobile Solar Tower from Infinite Solar Solutions, San Diego, is a 600W LED light tower that is powered by three 300W solar panels. The tower extends to 30 ft. in less than 10 seconds with the push of a button, the company says.



Intec insulation machine

Booth No. 1318

The FiberForce insulation machine from Intec, Frederick, Colo., is now available with a tall hopper. The hopper is designed to allow a full bag of cellulose or half bag of fiberglass loose-fill insulation to be loaded into the hopper for conditioning. The loading tray size also has been increased.




Koldwave portable air conditioner

Booth No. 472

The 5KK14 portable air conditioner from Koldwave, Dallas, uses an environmentally friendly refrigerant, has a digital control panel and four heavy-duty
twin- wheel, lockable casters. The 5KK14 has automatic restart, compressor off-timer to prevent short cycling, spot-cool and room-cool thermostat settings, and a multi-speed fan.




IQ Power Tools masonry saw

Booth No. 773

The iQ360 14-in. masonry saw from IQ Power Tools, Moreno Valley, Calif., has fully-integrated dust collection from a single power source. The dust collection system captures 99 percent of the dust to save up to 90 minutes of clean-up time a day, the company says.





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Kuhns Power Equipment brush cutter

Booth No. 544

The Power Dog Ambush brush cutter from Kuhns Power Equipment, Nappanee, Ind., has a 10-gauge steel deck with a 26-in. cutting width. The company says the machine is designed with a few simple controls for easier operation, including on hills and slopes. It is powered by a Honda 390V engine.


LawnShark USA lawn vacuum/power rake

Booth No. 659

The LTL-32 lawn vacuum/power rake from LawnShark, Geneva, Neb., uses cyclonic suction and counter rotating brushes for a 32-in. clearing width. The LTL-32 is smaller than the company’s original 42-in. model. A six-blade, carbon steel mulching impeller pulverizes material before it is stored in a 5.2-bushel bag.



Light Tower Solutions light tower kit

Booth No. 573

The Lexin300 light tower kit from Light Tower Solutions, Carrollton, Texas, allows light towers with metal halide bulbs to be retrofitted with LED lights. Converting to LED can reduce fuel consumption by 40 percent and eliminate other costs related to halide bulbs, the company says. The reduction in wattage use also can allow a generator to be used for other purposes.



Maxim Manufacturing Corp. tiller

Booth No. 650

The Compact Jr. tiller from Maxim Manufacturing Corp., Sebastopol, Miss., has a tilling width of 15 in., a serviceable roller chain and sprocket transmission,
and a 14-gauge steel folding handle. The company says the 67-lb. machine is designed to be more durable and easier to transport.



Morbark stump grinder

Booth No. 168

The compact and mobile G 42 SP stump grinder from Morbark, Winn, Mich., is designed for grinding smaller stumps. The unit is available as a 27-hp or 38-hp machine. Updates to the stump grinder include a new Leonardi M1 Blue Shark cutting wheel option and improved Clic™ dual wheels.



Porta-Nails, Q.E.P. Co. flooring cutter

Booth No. 572

The Roberts 10-64 13-in. PRO flooring cutter from
Porta-Nails, Q.E.P. Co., Boca Raton, Fla., is a guillotine-style cutter manufactured to cut precise, clean-edges on all types of flooring materials, the company says. The larger cutting table stabilizes longer planks while the extendible handle is designed to provide extra leverage for more cutting power.



Powr-Flite dryer

Booth No. 817

The Powr-Flite Hybrid dryer from Powr-Flite, Fort Worth, Texas, has a maximum air velocity of 3,400 ft./min. The Hybrid dryer is built with heavy-duty, molded  polyethylene. The company says it combines the best features of a “squirrel cage” design with the increased drying power of an axial fan.




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Shipp Cleaning Systems carpet extractor

Booth No. 1069

The Cruiser two-piece carpet extractor from Shipp Cleaning Systems, Conyers, Ga., is designed to handle jobs too small for one-piece extractors. The machine has a 4-gal. fresh water tank and a 6-gal. recovery tank. The 40-lb., all-metal unit has a wand that delivers 60 psi and 150 in. of water lift.



SMITH Manufacturing Co. scarifier/ grinder

Booth No. 550

The SPS10 Surface Preparator from SMITH Manufacturing Co., Pompano Beach, Fla., is a scarifier and grinder in one machine. The company says the machine can surface-prep, shave or remove on concrete or asphalt using flail-it, mill-it, plane-it, shave-it and finish-it with steel, carbide and diamond cutters.



Solight light tower

Booth No. 473

The SWSL750 mobile solar light tower from Solight, Mesa, Ariz., is designed to provide brighter LED lighting and to run all night from its stored power, the company says.



Spectra Precision Laser by Trimble grading laser

Booth No. 449

The Spectra Precision® DR400 DigiRod™ grading laser from Spectra Precision Laser by Trimble, Sunnyvale, Calif., eliminates the need for grade rods when checking grades with a rotating laser, the company says. The combination of a laser receiver with digital readout, laser distance meter and built-in tilt sensor is designed to provide the information required to take rod-less, accurate grade readings, even at tilt angles up to 30 degrees, the company says.



Spyder Products reciprocating saw tool kit

Booth No. 545

The Spyder remodeling kit from Spyder Products, Kansas City, Mo., is a set of tools designed to fit any reciprocating saw, the company says. The tools include a boring blade, a 2-in. scraper, a grout remover, corner sanding pad and wire brush.




TITAN spray tips

Booth No. 417

The TR2 reversible spray tips from TITAN, Plymouth, Minn., offers two fan patterns in a single tip. The company says the tip offers both speed for a high rate of application with the wide opening and control for precise painting with the narrow opening.




United CoolAir heater

Booth No. 760

The Inline Blow-Thru electric heaters from United CoolAir, York, Pa., deliver from 30 kW to 150 kW of electric heat. There are concentric 12-in. and 20-in. duct connectors on the 30 kW unit, which has a main breaker and individual contactors/breakers for each stage. The heaters are designed for indoor and outdoor applications.





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Van Mark Products Corp. brake accessory

Booth No. 734

The “bead form” accessories for aluminum bending brakes from Van Mark Products Corp., Farmington Hills, Mich., include a new bead-form die accessory, which can be installed on the optional TrimFormer — a brake-mounted roll forming tool. When forming aluminum with a Mark Series or MetalMaster™ series bender, a bead can be added, the company says.



Virginia Abrasives Corp. abrasive discs

Booth No. 1062

The 4-in. and 7-in. tungsten carbide abrasive discs from Virginia Abrasives, Petersburg, Va., are now available to fit grinders. They are designed to remove paint, epoxy and other adhesives from tight spaces. Tungsten carbide discs are designed to be better at handling high-loading finishes than bonded or diamond abrasives, the company says, and can remove coatings without removing concrete.



Wagman Metal Products trowel conversion system

Booth No. 128

The Revolution Rotary System with quick release mount for trowel conversion from Wagman Metal Products, York, Pa., is designed to convert a power trowel machine into a floor scrubbing and stripping machine. A trowel can be rented with brushes or pad drivers with a quick-release, spring-loaded system that allows for the conversion, the company says.







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