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Message from the CEO: Remember, 2013 is still ahead
Message from the CEO: Remember, 2013 is still ahead

Wow, November 2012 already. We certainly have two event-filled months ahead as we close out this year. Each of us notes daily the economic news worldwide and few of us miss a snippet of information given our electronic interconnectivity. While the news and information can, at times, be almost overwhelming, I truly feel as a global society we have adapted pretty well to assimilating far more information than we ever felt possible.

Within a few days of receiving this issue of Rental Management magazine, everyone in the United States and globally will know the outcome of the U.S. Presidential election. As all RM readers throughout the world know, the head of government plays a profound role in the leadership of a country. This year’s election in the U.S. provides a clear choice for our citizens on the future direction of our country.

There are key issues at stake that are significant to our industry. You will read about one of these key issues, energy, in this issue. Whatever the outcome of the election, it will impact the future of our industry extensively. It’s important for an industry to take its future into its own hands, in a concerted manner to create and maintain a strong presence and an informed, effective voice within the economy and society. That’s the role of your association. That’s why the American Rental Association (ARA) places a high priority on the role of government affairs issues within rental and supplier businesses, and why we ask you to engage through us in grassroots activity and election participation.

For instance, to know the industry projects $31 billion in rental revenue for 2012 in the U.S. automatically tells the story to U.S. representatives, senators and the administration that this industry is relevant to the tax base, employment and growth within all facets of our economy.

This is why you see ARA focus on industry data within ARA Rental Market Monitor™ to explain the economic benefit provided to local communities, states, the United States and Canada. It also is seen in the association role in setting industry standards in financial performance with ARA Rental Market Metrics™ and in safety standards for aerial work platforms or tenting.

Through Rental Management, Rental Pulse and all products and services, ARA’s only focus is improving the success of our members and advancing the growth of the industry. These initiatives reflect the image and essence of your daily business and project the professionalism and viability of our industry to the consumer/customer that you hope to attract to your business for rental or equipment sales.

The very best opportunity for you to engage with the industry and to help advance the industry is to attend The Rental Show. Each step you take to improve the profitability of your rental business advances the industry, increases the economic impact our industry generates and advances industry awareness. Thus, more customers, more market share, more revenue and most of all, more profit potential. You will see and learn all about profit potential in this business at The Rental Show 2013.

Equipment rental in each segment — construction/industrial, general tool/homeowner or party/event — comes down to a relationship business. Yes, we rely on equipment and inventory, technology and many vital aspects within the business to be successful, yet people drive this industry and your profitability.

By joining with your peers in Las Vegas in February, you will find the most target-rich environment to secure the most practical, cutting-edge information available to you. Benefit from the one-on-one conversations with both rental operators and exhibiting company personnel, educational seminars featuring industry experts and professional speakers, and all the social opportunities within The Rental Show. Here you will find the people who, like you, are focusing on improving the business, those who are looking to increase profitability and those who care enough to seek the best information available on how to achieve that success. Let’s build that profit potential and industry momentum in Las Vegas Feb. 10-13, 2013, and keep moving forward.

Christine Wehrman is executive vice president and CEO of the American Rental Association, 1900 19th St., Moline, IL 61265. She can be reached at 800-334-2177 or 309-764-2475, ext. 280; fax 309-764-1533; or chris.wehrman@ararental.org.




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