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Your vote matters

“People often say that, in a democracy, decisions are made by a majority of the people. Of course, that is not true. Decisions are made by a majority of those who make themselves heard and who vote — a very different thing.”

— Walter H. Judd, congressional representative, 1943-62

In this high-stakes election year, every vote has the potential to impact the policies that affect small businesses and the equipment rental industry.

“One vote matters. In Michigan’s 2010 primary election, Dan Benishek won the Republican nomination for the U.S. House of Representatives by fewer than 15 votes over Jason Allen. He is now Rep. Benishek and he is voting on issues that affect us at the national level,” says Dave Gill, president of Rentals Unlimited/Grand Rental Station in Traverse City, Mich. “How many rental stores have a large enough staff to affect the outcome of an election and therefore the policies that are made at the national, state and local levels? All of them.”

Have you done all you can do to prepare yourself and your staff members to get out the vote on general election day on Tuesday, Nov. 6?

There is still time to:

  • Encourage voter registration by providing information and registration materials.
  • Educate your employees about where candidates stand on the issues that will affect the equipment rental industry and your business.
  • Invite elected officials to visit your store to talk with employees and learn more about the equipment rental industry.
  • Inform your employees about taking time off to vote, ensuring that your company’s policy is in line with any state requirements.
  • Post early and absentee voting deadlines and requirements.

Now is the time to consider:

  • Posting the remaining Presidential Debate schedule and encouraging employees to tune in.
  • Publishing last-minute information and reminders in employee newsletters or on any social media sites you have created for a get out the vote (GOTV) campaign.
  • Hosting an election night party to watch as the results come in.
  • Recognizing employees for their political involvement, regardless of the election outcome.
  • Personally thanking employees who vote, acknowledging the importance of their votes.

“Because our elected officials regularly make policy decisions that impact businesses and the equipment rental industry, exercising your right to vote for what is best for your family and your business means you are making a difference in your life, business and the future of the country,” says Christine Wehrman, executive vice president and CEO of the American Rental Association (ARA).

Visit ARArental.org and click on “Get Out The Vote 2012” listed under the “Government Affairs” tab for more information about voting, as well as political and election news.

Alysia Ryan is ARA’s director of state government affairs. She can be reached at 800-334-2177, ext. 271, or email alysia.ryan@ararental.org.




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