Coming soon: Latest ARA Member Traffic Report will be delivered in early October

The American Rental Association (ARA) manages a national advertising and public relations campaign to communicate the many benefits of equipment rental and the message that renting is so smart, so easy. Everything from print advertisements to online ads and public relations initiatives are designed to drive consumer traffic to to find a rental store in their area. Results for each member location are then delivered on a quarterly basis via the ARA Member Traffic Report.

“The number of visitors on has grown significantly over the last several years and we anticipate more than 3 million click-throughs in 2013. Not only does the traffic report provide us a tool to communicate member benefits, but it also initiates a great deal of member feedback, which is valuable,” says Debby Schaller, ARA’s director of general member services. “It’s great to see our members interested in the report and asking what they can do to improve their results.”

In addition to delivering results, the quarterly traffic report provides:

  • A list of rental-related articles that have appeared in media near the member’s store location.
  • Public relations articles for members to download and use.
  • Top member picks, showcasing ARA products and services.
  • Upcoming events showing a list of national events and events in the ARA member’s state.

For more information, contact ARA member services at 800-334-2177. If you are not a member of ARA, you can learn more about the association’s member benefits online at

Get the most From

All of your company information for is pulled from the American Rental Association (ARA) database, so it is advised to keep your member profile up to date to get the greatest benefit. Any change in location, web address and phone number will affect how your business is listed. In addition, your inventory list should be kept up to date, so as consumers search for specific equipment, your store will be listed where appropriate. For questions or for assistance, contact ARA member services at 800-334-2177.