RM Fieldbook: John Deere Coal Valley Rally

June 17-20, 2013 ♦ Coal Valley, Ill. ♦ deere.com

Editor’s note: John Deere, Moline, Ill., recently invited several trade press representatives to its Coal Valley, Ill., training facility to demonstrate its E-Series skid-steers and compact track loaders, and G-Series compact excavators, as well as the 644K hybrid wheel loader that the company says can offer as much as a 34 percent fuel savings, depending on the application and operation of the machine. The event included a visit to the company’s headquarters; John Deere Commons in Moline; the Davenport Works factory in Davenport, Iowa; and demonstrations and test drives of the equipment at Coal Valley. The following machines were featured during the event:


E-Series skid-steers and compact track loaders

The nine new E-Series skid-steer models have Tier 4 interim and Tier 4 final emission-certified engines. Each has fully electronic controls with high-pressure common rail that yield multiple injections per stroke and are 10 to 15 percent more fuel efficient. The variable speed hydraulically driven fan system also has a reversing option to blow out material trapped in the cooler from high debris applications. The company also offers more than 100 attachments for the skid-steers and track loaders to handle a variety of applications.

644K hybrid loader

The added premium cost for the 644K hybrid loader means this machine will not likely appeal to equipment rental stores, but the machine is designed to match or exceed performance and productivity of the company’s conventional 644 machines. Because of the hybrid drive system’s efficiency, the machine does not need the higher low-engine speed torque of a larger engine, so it has a 6068 PSX Tier 4 interim engine. The hybrid does not have directional clutches. The motor is controlled to change direction of the machine and the maximum speed ranges are the same 24.9 mph for both forward and reverse. Another difference is that the loader runs at a constant rpm, which results in a consistent sound and a 3 dB noise reduction. In Deere’s tests, depending on the application, the 644K hybrid yielded fuel savings ranging from 10 percent to 34 percent.

G-Series excavators

What’s interesting about the 35G excavator is that Deere has derated the machine to 23.3 hp, which means it doesn’t need extra components to meet emissions standards. While the horsepower has been reduced, more powerful hydraulics from the G50 excavator have been added to the 35G, which Deere says results in the same performance as the previous 27-hp model. In addition, the 35G uses 18 percent less fuel than the 35D, the company says. Both the 35G and 50G also have switches for power and economy modes. The G-Series excavators have 500-hour maintenance intervals and have panels for easier access to add fuel and hydraulic fluid as well as clean off coolers when necessary. The machines have a tilt cab that allows access to the control valve and everything under the operator by removing four bolts.