Canadian Rental Association promotes rental awareness

To highlight the benefits of renting versus buying, the Canadian Rental Association (CRA) celebrated National Rental Awareness Week in Canada from May 6 to 10.

“Renting is smart and easy and it alleviates the cost of purchasing equipment you may use only occasionally,” said Jeff Campbell, president of the CRA. “This is an opportunity for us to recognize the great work of our members and the services they offer, and to illustrate the benefits of renting to the general public.”

As part of the CRA’s effort to promote rental, Dale Pardy, owner of Butler Scaffolding and Rental, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, appeared on CTV Atlantic talking about National Rental Awareness Week.

Ed Dwyer, owner of C & T Rentals & Sales, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and a past CRA president, also made an appearance in City TV, explaining different pieces of rental equipment. The video can be seen by going to, searching for “Canadian Rental Association” and clicking on the video by citytvofficial.