Party and Event Products: Festival equipment

This month, Rental Management looks at festival equipment, including tents, tent accessories, stakes, stake pullers, sidewalls, tent tops and more.

Vitabri Canopies high peak frame tent


The V3 high peak frame tent from Vitabri Canopies, Huntington Beach, Calif., can be set up within 30 seconds, the company says. The Pop Up Tent system is designed to eliminate any pole assembly. The V3 high peak tent is available in 10 ft. by 10 ft., 10 ft. by 15 ft. and 10 ft. by 20 ft. sizes. The telescoping legs make the canopy adjustable for three different heights up to 8 ft.

American Turf and Carpet artificial turf


ValueTurf™ artificial turf from American Turf and Carpet, Baltimore, Md., is designed to be thicker and richer than most economical turf choices while providing a uniform and wrinkle-free appearance, the company says. Sections are designed to lay more evenly when the pile density is more robust and rigid, so they adjust more easily and appear more level when in place, the company says.

Party Time disposable trash containers


The disposable and recyclable Event Boxes from Party Time Tent Rental/TTC System, Marshall, Mich., ship flat on a pallet for easier storage and transport. All orders come with container bottoms, container multi-function lids, 55-gal. liner bags and custom company identification imprint or label options.

Green Monster Manufacturing stake puller


The Series LS1200 hydraulic stake puller from Green Monster Manufacturing Elmsford, N.Y., has a redesigned, reinforced handle and grip for added strength, durability and balance, the company says. The LS1200 also has an oil drain in the frame, a heavier grab hook, safety shut off, flat-free tires, 2-in. hydraulic piston and a Honda 5.5-hp engine that delivers 6,200 lbs. of pulling power. A self-propelled option is available.

Charnecke Tents tent


The Pro Series line tents from Charnecke Tents, Rosholt, Wis., have clips that attach to side poles, designed to eliminate the need for jump ropes. Center pole ropes are then attached to the center pole. The tents are produced with American-made materials and manufactured in Wisconsin.

Economy Tent International concession tent


The Trio® concession tents from Economy Tent International, Miami, are available in a variety of sizes and colors, along with add-on accessories that include tent skirting, sidewalls, a 10-ft. serving counter, a sign package and awnings. Trio concession tents come in traditional, tension and high-peak styles with 18-oz. lacquer-coated blackout vinyl. They are available in a number of solid colors or 30-in. stripes. The Trio concession tent also is engineered and wind load tested up to 80 mph as well as snow load rated.


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Tentwares Accessory Catalog winch


The tent winch from Tentwares Accessory Catalog, Manchester, N.H., uses a standard marine battery to erect center poles. The pole can be attached to the dolly, hooked on the cable and a remote switch can be used to raise the pole. The company says the winch saves labor and can be used to help take down tents as well.

Olympic Tent tent


The Olympic Tent system from Olympic Tent, Tacoma, Wash., uses heavy-duty reinforcements for durability and catenary facings hidden beneath a traditional valance. The company says its Maxi Tube line can be used with existing tent frames to add slide-in tops and provide greater structural integrity.

B&R Innovations tent ballast


The Block and Roll tent ballast system from B&R Innovations, Islandia, N.Y., has a fork pocket design for easier and safer handling of cement blocks, the company says. One person can move up to 700-lb. blocks without a forklift. Customers also can make their own ballasts in three sizes — 350-, 500- and 700-lb. — with the company’s
multiblock forms.

Signature Systems Group flooring


The modular flooring systems from Signature Systems Group, New York, are designed to set up and break down quickly. The company says the flooring system can be used on grass, sand, synthetic turf, tracks, asphalt and a variety of other sensitive and uneven surfaces, and can be used to create permanent
or temporary pathways for vehicles, equipment
and pedestrians.

Central Tent tent banner


The horizontal banner frame from Central Tent, Santa Clarita, Calif., is designed to create new advertising and signage opportunities above a tent. The frames are built with all aluminum 2-in. poles, using the company’s line of Quick Clamp fittings to create a custom frame for a banner.