George's Tool Rental hosts event for public works employees

George’s Tool Rental hosts event for public works employees

George’s Tool Rental, Hatfield, Pa., sponsored and hosted an event for 500 public works employees from about 50 municipalities in Bucks and Montgomery Counties, Pa., on March 14. The company set the program for this year’s event and provided access to several equipment vendors including Stihl, Bomag, Multiquip and Kubota.

“We had received many new pieces of equipment that we bought at The Rental Show and were able to display about 40 pieces of equipment indoors at this large public works building,” says Alan Wismer, president of George’s Tool Rental. “It was a nice opportunity to rub shoulders with the public works community and explain what our company does and show the types of equipment that we can supply.”

The event included coffee and 40 dozen donuts, as well as lunch for the 500 guests. Wismer says the credit for organizing the event goes to Gary Gotwals, sales manager for George’s Tool Rental. “The public works people were impressed that there was a meaningful program and the vendors appreciated the access to so many different municipalities at once,” Wismer says.