The Rental Show Exhibitor Products: Construction

On the show floor

This month Rental Management looks at products to be displayed by exhibitors at The Rental Show 2013 in Las Vegas.

Helac Corp. bucket attachment

Booth No. 468

The PowerGrip bucket attachment from Helac Corp., Enumclaw, Wash., has no exposed cylinders or rods, which the company says is safer and eliminates service and maintenance issues. The PowerGrip is available in six models for different sizes and
brands of machines.



General Pipe Cleaners pipe inspection system

Booth No. 1021

The Gen-Eye POD pipe inspection system from General Pipe Cleaners, A Div. of General Wire Spring Co., McKees Rocks, Pa., combines camera, reel and monitor in an all-in-one package. The unit features a self-leveling camera and 200 ft. of Gel-Rod® for troubleshooting 3- to 10-in. drain lines. The 5.6-in. LCD monitor has a flexible gooseneck monitor mount and comes in a padded case.



Bobcat Co. compact track loader

Booth No. 3836, 3940

The 590 compact track loaders from Bobcat Co., West Fargo, N.D., have a vertical lift path designed to allow operators to lift heavier loads higher to clear high-sided truck boxes and hoppers as well as placing pallets loaded with heavy material.



Shark Pressure Washers trailer pressure washer

Booth No. 847

The TRS-2500 standard trailer-mounted pressure washer package from Shark Pressure Washers, Camas, Wash., has a bypass feature that circulates the water back through the tank, keeping the water temperature low while in standby mode. The company says this process allows extended run times and safer operation as well as less maintenance and downtime.



Case Construction Equipment loader backhoe

Booth No. 2421

The N series of loader backhoes from Case Construction Equipment, Racine, Wis., have 3.4-liter, turbocharged engines, ranging from 85 hp to 110 hp. The company says the Tier 4 Interim-certified engine with CEGR technology burns cleaner while delivering more horsepower, faster response and up to 4 percent better fuel efficiency under load.



Trail EZE Trailers trailer

Booth No. 2913

The TE70XT trailer from Trail EZE Trailers, Mitchell, S.D., has an option of a standard 15-degree load angle or the company’s patented 10-degree load angle tail without moving any axles. The TE70XT works and pulls the same as the company’s hydraulic tail.



AEUP/Absolute E-Z Up drywall lift attachment

Booth No. 4838

The Absolute E-Z Up® Rocker™ attachment from AEUP/Absolut E-Z Up, Charleston, S.C., is designed to simplify the positioning of materials to eliminate the need for manual dry-wall lifts and make a job safer, the company says. The Rocker allows one person to lift materials without assistance. It is activated by a button push from the platform. Materials travel up the track and are held in place where the worker can secure them to the joists.




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Packer Brothers power screed/power float

Booth No. 3443

The PBS2 from Packer Brothers, Cold Spring, Minn., is a cross between a power screed and a power vibrating bull float. Powered with a Honda GX25 motor, the PBS2 features an oscillating screed head. By turning the pole to the left and right, an operator can make the blade tilt forward or backward to adjust the blade when moving forward or backward.


Weber MT vibratory tamper

Booth No. 4627

The SRV 650 vibratory tamper from Weber MT, Bangor, Maine, has a Subaru ER 12 engine designed especially for tampers, the company says. The machine has an oil shut-off feature that is triggered whenever the machine falls over or is idle for more than five minutes, and a membrane carburetor with a pump that forces air out of the fuel lines if the machine runs out of fuel. The SRV 650 is 13 lbs. lighter than its predecessor and offers 3,600 lbs. of compaction force.


Alum-A-Pole Corp. brake

Booth No. 1026

The Alum-A-Brake Ultima from Alum-A-Pole Corp., Scranton, Pa., is available in 5-ft.-11-in., 7-ft.-10-in. and 10-ft.-6-in. models. The Ultima model comes with a built-in slitter, a slitter guide bar designed to eliminate the need for pencil marks, a removable work table, measuring guides, maximizers for repeat bends and scissor hands.



Cutter Diamond Products core drill

Booth No. 567

The HD-1 hand-held core drill from Cutter Diamond Products, Monroe, N.C., has a pistol grip, friction clutch and 60mm ring collar for rig mounting. The 3-lb. unit can be used for wet or dry drilling, and has a 3-in. bit capacity.



GME trench protection

Booth No. 3340

The GME Lite-Shield from GME, Union City, Mich., is constructed from lightweight, aircraft grade aluminum and can be transported to and from job sites in the back of a pickup truck. Designed with self-aligning, tongue-in-groove panels, the system can provide two-, three- or four-sided trench protection.



Thompson Pump trash pump

Booth No. 3042

The HT wet-priming trash pumps from Thomson Pump & Manufacturing Co., Port Orange, Fla., are designed to handle large solids up to 3 in. and/or abrasive material. The HT pumps are available in 4-, 6- and 8-in. models with performance up to 2,600 gpm and 168 ft. of head.



Dri-Eaz Products heater

Booth No. 1365

The Dragon “portable furnace” package from Dri-Eaz Products, Burlington, Wash., includes 25 ft. of high temperature ducting, an external fuel pickup adaptor to fit almost any standard fuel drum and a remote thermostat with a 40-ft. cable.



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Sumner Manufacturing jack stand

Booth No. 638

The Fat Jack folding jack stand from Sumner Manufacturing, Houston, has 1.25-in. square tube base construction and double 3/8-in. locking pins. The company says the design increases the Fat Jack’s capacity from 2,500 lbs. to 5,000 lbs., and that the jack can handle pipe up to 36 in. in diameter and has an adjustable height range from 38 in. to 52 in.



Wagman Metal Products machine-cleaning products

Booth No. 128

Eco Crete from Wagman Metal Products is used to clean  machines such as power  trowels. The company also offers Eco Coat for coating tools to prevent concrete splatter from sticking.


Badger Equipment Co. boom truck

Booth No. 1817

The Manitex 1770C boom truck from Badger Equipment Co., Winona, Minn., has a three-section boom with a 17-ton capacity at a 5-ft. radius and 300 ft. of 9/16-in. wire rope. Several options include choice of deck materials, toolboxes and mounting configurations.



Electric eel pipeline inspection system

Booth No. 1334

The Ecam ACE 2 pipeline inspection system from Electric Eel Manufacturing Co., Springfield, Ohio, has one-touch USB recording, an on-screen footage counter and a wheel kit. The ACE 2 also features a 1.68-in.-diameter color camera, 200 ft. of braided ½-in.-diamater Kevlar push cable, a 512 Hz Sonde, 5.4-in. LCD monitor, reel brake and centering skid.



MK Diamond Products asphalt/concrete blade

Booth No. 1655

The Nor’Easter MK-313 diamond blade for cutting asphalt and concrete from MK Diamond Products, Torrance, Calif., is designed with extra core cutouts to provide improved cooling during deep cutting, the
company says. The MK-313 can be used wet or dry and the laser weld, which fuses the segment to the core, is designed to withstand the heat and pressure of dry cutting.



Foxtrax GPS tracking

Booth No. 1829

The MT GU vehicle tracker
from Foxtrax, St. Louis, uses
GPS satellites, wireless phone networks and the Internet to track vehicles and
company assets. The MT GU is wired
directly to the vehicle’s electrical system for all types of company vehicles.
The device and external antenna
are placed under the dash. The MT GU uses cloud-based software and has
nationwide coverage.



ClearSpan Fabric Structures truss buildings

Booth No. 4134

Hercules truss arch buildings from ClearSpan Fabric Structures, South Windsor, Conn., have high clearances and large interiors without support posts, the company says. The fabric buildings are outfitted with frames constructed from triple-galvanized structural steel made in the United States. They can be made to any length up to 300-ft. wide.




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Gehl Co.skid-steer

Booth No. 4643

The 4640E and 5240E Power2 skid-steer loaders from Gehl Co., West Bend, Wis., are updated models equipped with 68-hp Yanmar Tier 4i diesel engines that produce up to 180 ft.-lbs. of torque. The 5240E Power2 skid loader can lift 2050 lbs. when equipped with 12.00 tires and optional counterweight.


General Equipment Co. earth auger

Booth No. 1430

The 4450 Series earth auger from General Equipment Co., Owatonna, Minn., is designed to be used with hand-held hole digging equipment. The company says the 4450 Series features a simpler configuration for attaching the screw bit designed to speed up the installation process and reduce the risk of damage to the
earth auger.