Maximizing your profits

Everyone knows you need a financial operating plan when running a business, but sometimes people miss some of the finer details and the proper use of key financial metrics. Profits are maximized when you have a clear financial plan and methodology, which is how the ARA Rental Profitability Program can help rental business owners and managers.

This program is designed to help improve financial processes and create a system to stay focused on financials. Once you fully understand the numbers on your financial statements, you can start to break them down, while building up profits.

“The ARA Rental Profitability Program is an interactive program designed to help rental business owners, managers and accounting staff evaluate their financial statements and processes. It will help them really understand what their numbers mean,” says Carla Brozick, CAE, senior director of education and training for ARA.

The information walks participants through each step of the process. Consecutive modules are designed to build onto the others to help users delve deeper into each area to analyze their businesses. Resources are contained in each module for use when evaluating financials and will serve as the foundation for dashboard reports.

The case studies also provide a learning experience in each of the three market segments — construction/industrial, general tool and party/event.

This eight-module program is available now at a member price of $149 ($450 for nonmembers). Purchasers will receive a multi-user ID valid for 15 months.


The ARA Rental Profitability Program is designed to help:

  • Sharpen your financial know-how.
  • Fire up your financial dashboards.
  • Maximize your profitability.

The ARA Rental Profitability Program’s eight modules guide users through a step-by-step process to increase profits, including:

  • Measure, Understand, Get it Done!
  • Income Statement Essentials
  • Balance Sheet Essentials
  • Benchmarking for Success
  • Three Inventory-specific Case Studies
  • Dashboard Development