Concrete Products

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This month Rental Management looks at concrete products, including power screeds, concrete pumps, core drills, concrete buggies and more.

TerraQuip Construction Products screed

The Roller Screed™ from TerraQuip Construction Products, Charleston, W.Va., is designed for jobs such as entrance ramps, highways, airport runways and parking lots that are either too small or too large for vibratory screeds and continuous pavers. The hydrostatic drive eliminates the use of chains, belts, clutches, cables and keys. The high-speed oscillating front roller is designed to spread, tamp and vibrate the concrete to a high-grade finish.


Canycom USA concrete buggy

The SC75 concrete buggy from Canycom USA, Bellevue, Wash., has a pivot deck for 180-degree pivoting to allow concrete to be poured to the front or side of the buggy in tight spaces. The company says the pivoting deck combined with a rubber-track undercarriage helps keep ground damage to a minimum. The 1,410-lb. buggy can haul up to 16 cu. ft. of material.


Crown Construction Equipment concrete mixer

The C12 model concrete mixer from Crown Construction Equipment, Laredo, Texas, has a
12-cu.-ft. mixing capacity, an “A” style frame design, a dump hand wheel and a rubber torsion axle for towing. The C12 is available with gas, electric or diesel power.


Blastcrete Equipment Co. skid-steer pump

The model RD6536 skid-steer pump attachment from Blastcrete Equipment Co., Anniston, Ala., has a universal design compatible with any skid-steer. The 3-in.hydraulic squeeze pump is designed for ICF, block fill, form and pour, driveways, basements and various shotcrete applications. The unit can pump grout materials, 3/8 -in.shotcrete and ¾-in. structural concrete mixes and has a variable speed of 0-25 cu. yds. per hour. Vertical pumping distance reaches 50 ft. with the use of a rubber delivery line, while horizontal distance can reach up to 250 ft.


IROCK mobile crusher

The RDS-20 mobile primary crushing plant from IROCK, Oakwood Village, Ohio, combines a closed-circuit design, high-performance four-bar impactor and heavy-duty components to produce a uniform, cubical product, the company says.


EDCO/CONTRx Systems concrete floor preparation system

The CONTRx three-step concrete floor preparation, polishing and finishing system from EDCO – Equipment Development Co., Frederick, Md., is designed to handle preparation phases ranging from
a simple cleaning to coating removal, scarifying, grinding or crack repair. For light preparation, CONTRx Systems use metal bond diamond grinding dots technology in 30, 70 and 120 grit for soft, medium or hard concrete. The system uses V-Harr felt polishing pads to clean the surface while polishing. CONTRx chemicals include a densifier, which prevents concrete deterioration, and a sealer to deter staining and increase reflectivity, the company says.


Allen Engineering screed

The E-Screed lightweight, battery-powered wet screed by Magic Screed from Allen Engineering Corp. (AEC), Paragould, Ark., is designed for single operator strike-off of concrete. The high-frequency screed produces uniform vibration distribution over the entire blade length to enhance structural integrity of the concrete through consolidation, the company says. The E-Screed by Magic Screed uses a maintenance-free, rechargeable LiFePO4 lithium iron phosphate 36V battery with 1,500-plus life cycles.


General Equipment surface grinder system

The Pro Polish™ System from General Equipment Co., Owatonna, Minn., is designed for use with existing models of single- and dual-head, low-speed surface grinders to produce polished surfaces. The company says the system was designed specifically for
concrete polishing projects that can be handled by small contractors or do-it-yourselfers. The Pro Polish™ System utilizes a series of seven 12-in.-diameter
diamond discs, which are secured to the grinder head with VELCRO® fasteners. The polishing discs range from 50 to 3,000 grit and are color-coded to simplify the progression from one disc to the next.




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Wacker Neuson ride-on trowel

The CRT 60-66K ride-on trowel from Wacker Neuson, Menomonee Falls, Wis., has a patent-pending two-mode electro-hydraulic steering system, an engine power regulation system and built-in hydraulic wheel kit. The engine power regulation system is similar to an automatic transmission on a car and uses a computer controller to monitor engine speed and adjust hydraulic load. The patent-pending built-in hydraulic wheel kit allows the operator to raise the machine on the front and back wheels to change pans or blades without a crane or fork lift.


Cart-Away Concrete Systems portable concrete mixer

The MixKing portable concrete mixer from Cart-Away Concrete Systems, McMinnville, Ore., has a capacity of 1¾ yds. The large drum rides on a trailer rated at 9,999 lbs. gross vehicle weight (GVW), but weighs only 300 lbs. more than the standard Cart-Away 1-yd. mixing trailer, the company says. A Honda 13-hp engine and hydraulic system spin the drum to provide the mixing and dumping functions. The MixKing comes standard with the company’s GearSaver rotation system and drum mounting springs designed to reduce stress on the hydraulic components. Each trailer has plastic fenders, which the company says can protect users from the danger of sharp steel edges at the machine’s corners.



Kraft Tool brick mop

The CC497 rub brick mop from Kraft Tool Co., Shawnee, Kan., is designed for smoothing out imperfections, dressing down and removing form marks from concrete before a decorative or polished finish application.The mop includes an 8-in.-by- 7¼-in. 20-grit rub brick on an aluminum bracket with a 5-ft. wood clevis handle. Replacement bricks are available.



Marshalltown Co. mixer

The Marshalltown 600CM and 600CM-PL mixers
from Marshalltown Co., Marshalltown, Iowa, have reinforced tubular frames with welded steel yokes, a wheel and a hand-brake tilting mechanism. The drum tilt wheel rotates the drum to infinite mixing positions and moves in the same direction as the drum. The frictional hand brake locks the drum in place at any position.



Niagara Machine floor grinder

The Lavina “S” series floor grinding and polishing
machines available from Niagara Machine, Erie, Pa., have a forced belt-driven planetary movement. The “Lavina 21” economy models are available in  110V/1.5-hp and 220V/3-hp models. The lightweight grinders are designed to break down for transport in the back seat or trunk of a car.



Brokk demolition machine

The remote-controlled Brokk 100 demolition machine from Brokk AB, Monroe, Wash., is designed to be paired with a variety of attachments, including breakers, crushers, drills and shears. The unit stands 3.8 ft. tall and is 2.6 ft. wide. A new load-sensing hydraulic system with improved hydraulic capacity is designed to help generate 35 percent greater breaking power when paired with the included SB152 breaker, the company says. Maximum horizontal reach is 12.1 ft., while vertical reach is 14.1 ft.



E-Z Drill core combination drill

The Model 240B “combo” drill system from E-Z Drill, Stillwater, Okla., is designed for straight-line drilling on a subgrade level. Similar to the Model 210B, but with the added capability of converting to a core drill, the Model 240B is designed to be able to handle both rock drilling and core drilling applications — eliminating the need for separate drilling systems, the company says. The unit can core and drill holes from 5/8-in. diameter up to 2½ in., and drill up to 18 in. deep.



SoftRide Transport concrete equipment racks

Concrete equipment racks from SoftRide, Waukesha, Wis., are a patent-pending solution for handling, transporting and storing large concrete equipment. The racks are available for most makes and models of ride-on trowels, walk-behind trowels and concrete saws. Equipment on racks can be lifted via fork truck and stored vertically on warehouse racking shelves.