Party Products: Food service equipment

Serving it up

This month, Rental Management looks at food service equipment, including portable grills, bars and sinks, glassware, serving dishes and related items.

Myco Tableware coffee urn

The hammered stainless-steel coffee urn from Myco Tableware, Mettawa, Ill., is now available in a 100-cup/5-gal. size as well as 25- and 50-cup sizes. It is produced from 18/10 stainless steel and hand-hammered. The urn comes with a wrought iron-style base and replacement spigot handles are available.


Boss Manufacturing dessert stand

The Cake Pop Tower from Boss Manufacturing, Orland, Calif., is designed to display desserts and also can be used as a cupcake tree stand. It has four round tiers — 6-in., 10-in., 14-in. and 18-in. bases made of high density plastic. The tiers are separated by detachable 6-in. aluminum rods. The tower is dishwasher safe and holds 158 pop sticks.


Campus Products glassware drying and buffing machine

The Stemshine GP8 from Campus Products, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, is designed to speed and simplify the labor-intensive task of drying and buffing glassware, particularly wine glasses. With its heater/blower system and brush system, the company says the GP8 can dry and polish up to 400 glasses per hour.


LaCrosse Cooler Co. portable bar

The Stow-Away® portable bar from LaCrosse Cooler Co., Onalaska, Wis., folds up when not in use and
will store on end in a 2-sq.-ft. space. The bar has a heavy-duty, black vinyl-clad aluminum exterior and stainless-steel work surfaces. The bar has a 24-in. removable stainless-steel speed rail, heavy-duty casters and storage bumpers. The ice bin, with cover drain and petcock valve, holds about 95 lbs. of ice.


Progressive Pro/Caterer’s Warehouse glassware

The high efficiency line of glasses from Progressive Pro/Caterer’s Warehouse, Rochdale, Mass., are made of lead-free crystal and are available in multiple wine styles — Burgundy, Bordeaux, Cabernet, Chardonnay and Riesling — as well as traditional champagne. All of the glasses are sold in case packs of 24.


Monsam Enterprises portable sink

The PSE-2004LAP portable sink from Monsam Enterprises, Antioch, Calif., has three 12-in.-deep basins with two 18-in.-by-18-in. drain boards and a separate hand washing unit hidden under mount. The sink has a self-contained 5-gal. fresh water tank and 7-gal. wastewater tank, and an extra set of water tanks is included. Water can be heated by electrical or propane power. The unit also has six safety lock casters.



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Gold Medal Products grill

The small flat fence grill from Gold Medal Products, Cincinnati, is designed to heat hot dogs faster because the hot dogs make full contact with the non-stick grill. The company says the lightweight and portable grill can cook up to 14 frozen jumbo hot dogs or 21 frozen standard hot dogs in 30 minutes. The grill has adjustable temperature controls and the fence bars can be moved to grill brats, metts, Italian sausages or taquitos.


Sterno Group fuel

The Green chafing fuel from Sterno Group, Des Plaines, Ill., is one of the first chafing fuels to be endorsed by the Green Restaurant Association. It is made from plant-based, renewable bio-fuel, is biodegradable, water soluble and methanol-free. The company says it is odor- and smoke-free, and is available in a room service size with a burn time of 45 minutes and maximum temperature of 185 degrees Fahrenheit, or in a full size with a burn time of two hours and maximum temperature of 195 degrees Fahrenheit. Both sizes come with Smart Can™ heat indicators to let the user know when the can is hot.


Eastern Table Top Manufacturing serving dishes

The Revo Collection serving dishes from Eastern Tabletop Manufacturing, Brooklyn N.Y., are designed to be an alternative to portable 18/10 stainless-steel chafing dishes. The brushed swirled design is made to prevent fingerprints. The dishes are available in rectangular and round with finishes including stainless-steel, silver, copper and textured powder coating in several colors. The round unit measures 15 in. in diameter and 9 in. high, while the rectangular unit measures 20 in. by 11 in. by 9 in. high.


Fortune Products ice chest

The PolyDeco ice chest from Fortune Products, Lake Stevens, Wash., has a polyethene textured surface. The 47-in.-by-23.25-in.-by-30-in. chest is designed to be used with the company’s line of TSL-8 battery-operated lighting products.


Crown Verity grill

The stainless-steel MCB-60 grill from Crown Verity, Brantford, Ontario, Canada, uses water pans to reduce flare-ups, prevent grease fires and to make cleanup easier, the company says. The MCB model line of gas grills come standard with large wheels, a lower shelf for storage and tank brackets to allow two 20-lb. tanks to be attached to the unit.