RM Fieldbook: Husqvarna Construction products media boot camp

Editor’s note: For the first time in recent years, Husqvarna Construction Products invited representatives from several industry publications to attend a special “media boot camp” at its North American headquarters in Olathe, Kan. The event was designed to introduce new products and familiarize the trade press with the division and how it fits within the overall company. The event included classroom training and hands-on demonstrations of a variety of equipment, including those products detailed below. More products from the Husqvarna Construction Products media boot camp are available as bonus coverage in Rental Management’s digital edition.

Auto drilling
The AD 10 automatic drilling system with a DMS 280 drill stand is designed to automate feeding and retraction operations, so users can be more efficient when drilling multiple holes. The system consists of the AD 10 with DM 280 or DM 340 drill motors and DS 450 or DS 50 Gyro stands, plus Diagrip drill bits. By optimizing the feed rate, the company says the system can reduce wear on the drill bit.

Killer robot

The Husqvarna DXR 310 demolition robot is packed with new technology and smart solutions. The telescopic boom on the DXR 310 has a range of about 18 ft. including the breaker. It’s made of high-quality steel to withstand high stresses and the baseplate is cast in one solid-cast steel piece with integrated lifting points. The DXR 310 passes through most normal doorways since it is only 31 in. wide. It also climbs stairs and can operate on uneven surfaces or close to walls, thanks to its individually controlled out-riggers. The control box is equipped with a 3.5-in. color display and uses industrial Bluetooth® technology.

Clean cutting

The K3000 vacuum works with the company’s 14-in. electric saw and, with the K3000 dust reducer attached, is designed to minimize dust while sawing to create a better working environment for the operator and surrounding area while shortening cleanup time. When the dust reducer is detached, the unit’s unique blade guard features a hose attachment for wet cutting. When a job calls for switching between dry and wet cutting, Husqvarna’s WT 15 water tank can be added. The tank holds enough water to cut continuously for 20 minutes before refilling, the company says. The WT 15 water tank also can be used with other Husqvarna power cutters and drills.