Wynne Systems acquired by Volaris Group

Editor’s note: In late May, Volaris Group, a wholly owned division of Constellation Software, Toronto, purchased Wynne Systems, Irvine, Calif., in addition to InfoManager® and Wynne Systems EMEA, N.V., from United Rentals, Greenwich, Conn. Constellation Software previously purchased Solutions by Computer, Springfield, Mass., in 2008. Mike Stilwagner, vice president of business development for Wynne Systems, recently discussed with Rental Management how the deal might impact the company as well as its customers. An edited version of that conversation follows.

RM: What does this acquisition mean for Wynne Systems and customers of RentalMan?

Mike Stilwagner: We believe this acquisition will greatly benefit our customers, our market and our company. Volaris brings extensive experience building and growing software businesses, and is committed to expanding our solutions and offerings within the rental management market.

RM: How are customers reacting to this news?

Stilwagner: The feedback has been extremely positive from everyone, especially our customers. They are just as excited as we are to be part of a company that focuses on software and is committed to growing our business.

RM: Does this deal have any impact on Wynne’s use of the American Rental Association’s (ARA) ARA Rental Market Metrics™?

Stilwagner: Volaris’ goal is to continue to expand its presence in the rental management market segment, which means supporting initiatives like the ARA Rental Market Metrics. Volaris values our relationship with ARA and we will always do what we can to support it.

RM: How did this deal come about?

Stilwagner: Volaris’ goal is to become the technology partner of choice for the rental management industry. When the opportunity arose to acquire Wynne Systems, Volaris pursued it because they saw it as a perfect fit for both companies and very much in line with their objective of investing into and expanding their holdings in the sector.

RM: Volaris also owns Solutions by Computer (SBC). Will Wynne Systems and RentalMan be combined with SBC or will the two continue to sell separate products under separate brands?

Stilwagner: Our plan is to continue running both businesses in an independent manner while sharing best practices across the groups. This is an approach Volaris has used for other market segments where they have more than one company delivering solutions to that particular vertical market and it has proven to be a successful formula. Wynne’s business intelligence and reporting tools — InfoManager® and Axiom Reporter™ — will continue to be available to both Wynne and SBC clients.

RM: Wynne had been owned by United Rentals. Will United Rentals remain a customer?

Stilwagner: We are happy that United Rentals will remain a valued “super user” of Wynne Systems’ RentalMan product for the foreseeable future.