Regional Digest

ARA of Indiana reactivates in 2012

The ARA of Indiana took the next step toward reactivation with a meeting held at The Rental Show in New Orleans on Feb. 6, which led to the selection of a board. The reactivation process began with a survey asking American Rental Association (ARA) members in Indiana what they need from a state association and how they plan to participate. Several respondents offered ideas for programs and services, and many also volunteered for specific tasks to help make ARA of Indiana successful.

Once the board was in place, Ruth Bloom, ARA’s director of state, local and provincial programs, went to Indiana for board training in April. “It is encouraging to see good statewide representation on the board,” Bloom says.

Throughout the spring and summer, the board plans to start organizing and implementing committee work as well as developing the details for their first face-to-face member meeting for November.

Creating a viable state association takes about a year. “Setting things up the right way at the front end is time consuming, but will help ensure success into the future,” Bloom says, adding that “getting members involved in meaningful ways from the beginning is often the key to a positive, sustainable association.”

State, local and provincial associations are driven by ARA members who give their time and expertise to provide programs and services that can benefit members close to home.

For further information or to get involved, contact a member of your state board. Contact information, as well as a current calendar of state and local events, can be found at under State/Local/Provincial Associations.