Party/Event Products: Fundraising events

Raise the roof

This month, Rental Management looks at corporate and fundraising event equipment including games, lighting, staging, flooring, furniture and inflatables.

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Gold Medal Sno-Kone machine

The #1886 Sno-Flake Sno-Kones maker from Gold Medal Products Co., Cincinnati, is a more compact version of the company’s Sno-King. The 22.8-in.-by-20.2-in.-by-10.3-in. machine runs on a standard, 15-amp plug with a ¼-hp motor.


Wire-FreeLED wireless DMX system

The RGBA1 wireless DMX system from Wire-FreeLED, Orlando, Fla., has 24 1W RGBA LEDs, including six red, six green, six blue and six amber, to create 100 preset colors and offer full RGBA color mixing. The 18-lb. system comes with a 25-degree beam angle and uses a rechargeable sealed lead acid battery, which can run six to eight hours on a single charge. Housing for the system is available in black, white or custom exterior colors.


Eureka! Tents and Accessories Tent

The Empire Frame Tent from Eureka! Tents and Accessories, Binghamton, N.Y., has lightweight fittings for weight, aluminum frame and fittings, a new tubing design and color-coded tubing for identification and installation. Sizes include 20-ft.-by-20-ft. sectional ends, 10- and 15-ft. mid-sections. Sectional tops come in 10-oz. translucent with 13-oz. blockout available, and have a catenary valance, permanent sidewall rope and storage bags. One-piece tops also are available.


California Portable Dance Floor Co. conversion kit

The 24-ft.-diameter round dance floor conversion kit from California Portable Dance Floor Co., Camarillo, Calif., is available in the company’s composite laminate floor style. The kit includes 16 curved sections and 16 curved borders. The kit can convert a 16-ft.-by-16-ft. composite laminate floor into a 24-ft.-diameter round floor or create an oval floor by adding 4-ft.-by-4-ft. sections into the center.


Drake Corp. chair link

The folding chair link and spacer from Drake Corp., East Brunswick, N.J., gives guests 3 in. more space, according to the company. The spacers snap on, so no tools are required. The 3¾-in.-by-1½-in. space can be replaced by a company logo for a one-time setup fee. The placeholder can be used with a business card, advertising card, reserved seating card, row and seat number card, or event card.



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Haulotte Group Biljax staging ramp

The staging ramp for the AS2100 from Haulotte Group Biljax, Archbold, Ohio, is compliant with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) and has a 1:1 elevation. The 8-ft. ramp works with other Biljax staging, using common parts including decks, guard rail panels and legs. The company says only a few ramp-specific parts are required to complete the ramp.


 The Brothers Grimm games

The Balloon Pop bean bag game from The Brothers Grimm Games, Jonesborough, Tenn., comes with six bean bags and a bag of balloons. Hit the target and the balloon will pop, revealing the word “winner.” This is one of the company’s many case games, which fold down into a transportable case and come with legs.


  Decorative Novelty chandelier set

The chandelier set from Decorative Novelty, Brooklyn, N.Y., includes a small chandelier that is 10 in. in diameter and 36 in. long. The large chandelier is 24 in. in diameter and 18 in. long. Together the chandelier set is 24 in. in diameter and 36 in. long. The 10-lb. set comes in small boxes for easier storage and transport, the company says. The set can be used separately for small tent events or together for larger tent events. The silver color is designed for parties and events, and the iridescent version is designed for weddings.


Carriage Creations dunk tank

The Fun Dunker II double-target dunk tank from Carriage Creations, Middletown, Pa., allows two players to throw and try to dunk the person on the seat. All parts stay attached to the dunk tank, including the tongue and target. The company says it takes less than one minute to set up the machine. To reset, lift up the seat and it’s ready for the next pitch. A head bumper on the back of the seat has been added for safety. Also, all side panels lock in place, with no free swinging. The Fun Dunker II is available in pink and blue.