Burying evidence
In an effort to hide a stolen truck, a suspect was caught burying a 26-ft.-long box truck by eagle-eye investigators in a helicopter. According to The Daily News (Batavia, N.Y.), police obtained a search warrant for the upstate New York property and found the truck, two stolen backhoes and a stolen car.

Police from Macedon, N.Y., contacted Orleans County (N.Y.) sheriff’s investigators with only the name of a business — Country Construction — and the first name of a suspect — Jeff. Investigators took to the air over Country Construction, when they caught the suspect, Jeffery Paul, in the act of burying the box truck.

Investigators kept the property under surveillance while a search warrant was obtained. The suspect and his father, who is the owner of Country Construction, were taken into custody and investigators are working to determine ownership of some other property found on the premises, including a third backhoe. The Pauls have been charged with felony criminal possession of stolen property.