See how your company rates

New ARA Compensation and Benefits Report offers benchmarks

How does your compensation and benefits package compare with others in the industry of similar size and inventory? Does it fall within rental industry norms? Is it strong enough to compete in your market to recruit and retain quality employees?

Find out with the new 2012 Compensation and Benefits Report from the American Rental Association (ARA). Compiled by Industry Insights, this online report benchmarks norms for the equipment rental industry, from pay trends to health insurance offerings, vacation and sick pay to professional development.

Because it is online, it is accessible from your computer. That means you can:

  • Obtain the information you need when you want it — 24/7.
  • Drill down and aggregate the report by the criteria you set using the compensation calculator.
  • Create customized reports that allow you to look at multiple criteria at once and then download those reports in Excel or PDF formats.

All ARA members who participated in the Compensation and Benefits Survey will be able to access a free electronic copy of the final report as well as the individual Company Compensation Report showing their company’s compensation alongside the appropriate industry norms.

ARA members who did not participate in the survey may purchase the report for $150. Nonmembers will be charged $450.

To order, go to the “Shop ARA” section of or call ARA Member Services at 800-334-2177.