Honda offers training program for service employees

Honda Engines, Alpharetta, Ga., has a new service to help its dealers train their service employees without the need to travel.

The Honda Engines Training and Certification System (TACS) provides web-based service training and certification to Honda Engine distributors and more than 14,000 Honda Engine dealers nationwide. The online system allows dealer and distributor employees to complete product and technical training at their own pace while they are employed at the dealership.

Technicians can sign up at their distributor’s website and then log in to complete training. Levels include Apprentice, Technician, Certified Technician and Certified Master Technician. The Apprentice level includes four-stroke engine theory, carburetor theory, electrical fundamentals and basic emissions as well as an engine identification module. Apprentice training is currently available and the Technician and Certified Technician are being released in fall 2012. The Certified Master Technician course is the most challenging, requiring 60 hours of training and hands-on practical experience for final certification. The master level will be available in spring 2013.

In the TACS program, tests are given at the end of each course and require an 80 percent grade to pass. Employees can print out a certificate for each course. Earned certifications stay with the technician, even if they move to another dealership.

Michael Rickey, national manager, Honda Engines distribution sales, service and operations, says the online program allows employees to work at their own pace when they have time. “The program is fully interactive and has almost video-game quality graphics, which allow the technician to see, hear and read about what he or she is learning” he says.

The program was launched Oct. 31, 2011, and a letter was sent to 14,000 registered Honda dealers. By February 2012, more than 10,000 were signed up for the course. One annual fee of $49.95 allows the dealership to sign up an unlimited number of employees.

Along with the TACS system, Honda also rolled out the Distributor Dealer Interactive Network (DDiN), which gives dealers online access to Honda shop manuals and service bulletins. The network also allows dealerships to submit warranty claims and look up parts. More information about the program is available online at