Welcome message: Why I belong and why you should belong, too
Welcome message: Why I belong and why you should belong, too

As a business owner, it is important to me that I make a sound buying decision about my insurance company. I want a partner who has my best interests at heart. I want an agent who serves as an advisor. I want a company that’s knowledgeable about my business, understands the risks I face and provides coverage to protect me from those risks. I want excellent customer service, whether it’s in choosing the right coverage, getting certificates of insurance or dealing with claims. I want my claims handled fairly, timely and accurately. I also want help controlling losses and I want it all at a competitive price. I get all that with ARA Insurance.

In my role as a member of the American Rental Association (ARA), I feel even more comfortable that ARA Insurance — a wholly-owned subsidiary of ARA — operates efficiently, reinvests in my success and works to improve the entire rental industry.

As a board member of ARA Insurance I have helped direct the company to ensure that it is focused on the needs of the ARA membership. I want you to know why you belong with ARA Insurance, too.

  • We invest in you. We are the only insurance company that reinvests its profits back into the rental industry through the products and services provided by the ARA. We contribute to the development of educational programs and rental-specific tools to help you run a more profitable business.
  • We are member driven. ARA Insurance was built by rental store owners for rental store owners and ARA members are our only customers. We are the only insurance company owned by the ARA and directed by rental store owners. Your peers guide our direction and help us design the types of coverage and service rental businesses need.
  • We are focused on lowering your cost of risk. The cost of insurance increases with the exposure to risk, but at the same time, insurance only covers part of the cost of a claim. Rather than simply raise rates, ARA Insurance develops tools to help rental stores prevent accidents and minimize the costs of accidents that do occur. We also share our claim analyses and results to help you focus your risk control efforts where they’ll have the most impact on your bottom line.

If you’re in rental, ARA Insurance is working for you.

As your peer in the industry, I encourage you to learn more about ARA Insurance in this special pull-out section of Rental Management so you can understand why you belong with the preferred rental insurance choice for ARA members.

— Larry Steele, chairman of the board, ARA Insurance